Omniterrum: A New Museum Offers the Whole World

“I’m known as the ‘Globe Lady’ now,” Kim Soerensen said with a smile. She is standing inside her new Globe Museum in Riverviews Artspace in downtown Lynchburg, surrounded by more than 150 globes. “It’s really a hobby that’s grown out of proportion, but it’s really gratifying to know people think it’s neat.”

The Digital Worlds – The Beauty of Maps – BBC Four

Uploaded on Apr 23, 2010

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This film looks at the way cartography has changed and entered an age of digital map-making.  Denis Lawson explains how digital mapping is shaping the future, letting us see into virtual spaces and into the infinite unknowns of outer-space.  Each image is a breath-taking first look at the world today, showing the extent of human endeavour in the most beautiful ways possible.