1950’s Space Age Globe – Instrument for Earth Science Demonstration

This vintage school instrument offers a fabulous industrial look and will inspire curiosity wherever displayed. Featuring classic German Bauhaus design, this demonstration sphere is as much an object de art as a vintage scientific instrument.

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This industrial looking sphere is a vintage scientific instrument to demonstrate earth’s tilt, seasons, zones, longitude and latitude and much more.

Made in post WW2 Germany, the instrument has an undeniable Bauhaus look. Only a small letter K identifies the manufacturer, which we have not been able to locate more information about.

The 13 inch diameter acrylic sphere consists of 2 half connected through adhesive, hand colored red, yellow and green lines while the numbering is screen printed. The polished numeric engraved metal half meridian is movable within the mount. A very solid arm and broad base make this a heavy artifact.

Obviously a classroom item, it has hand-written paper label written in Czech that roughly translates to “Model of the Solar Trajectory – Shape of the Globe.” (Please correct me if I’ve mistranslated!) Total height of this instrument is 19 inches.

The artifact is overall well preserved with age appropriate wear, especially as it was a viable scientific instrument for educational use. Scuffing to the acrylic though no cracks, and scuffing to the mount.

No matter if you are looking for an unusual object de art for display purpose or wish to demonstrate the earth’s seasons, either way this is a splendid statement for the inquisitive mind.

Well packed this artifact will ship for $39.00, $72.00 international (most countries)


$395 – Item # 1117BAUSCIEN50



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