Fab Mid Century Modern 1950s Zonemaster World Globe Clock in working condition

This fab “Presidental” model by Zonemaster does not just display local time but also world wide! It oh-so-midcentury brass casing is a relief replica of the world, slightly distorted. If you are looking for a great conversation piece, this world clock will do the job!

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Weighing over 10 pounds, this massive display of world and time is cased in a brass housing. Total height is about 8 inches, base is 7′ x 5.75″.
According to the imprint on the bottom of this fab piece, this model is called the \”Presidential\” and rightly so!
Teh clock identifies am and pm via small lights attached to the base. Lights are functional as the the clock itself. The directory however does not turn.
The zone dial allows to change the time on the outer clock, which means you are able to have two timezones represented on one clock. So what time is it in Paris when it\’s 5pm in New York City? This clock will keep you up to date!
The finish of the brass has worn and there is slight pitting.
Nevertheless, this mod timepiece is still functional and offers a sophisticated design!
This artifact is very heavy. Carefully packed, domestic shipping will be $25.00, $76 World wide.
$149 — Item #: 913ZNMSTRCLK



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