Small Illuminated Glass Globe from Japan; circa 1958

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This rare Japanese globe combines my two favorite categories: illuminated glass globes and petite globes! This is the smallest glass globe ever made of which I know. In addition to having a fabulous mid-century look it is impossibly small, and will perfectly fill the gaps between your larger globes!
The map is not overly detailed but it does provide enough data to determine the age of the globe. It looks to have been made around 1958 as Indo-China as become Vietnam (1954) and Gold Coast is now named Ghana (1957) but Egypt and Syria have not joined to form the United Arab Republic (1958-1961).
Surprisingly, the orb is made of glass! It sits atop a chrome base that houses the 2 C batteries and the power switch. A standard flashlight bulb is required. A red half meridian completes the look. Diameter of the orb is about 3 inches with a total height (including base) of roughly 4.5 inches.
The globe is in good condition with no real blemishes of any kind. The paper gores are a little tattered at the very bottom from being spun in the base with the pin screwed too tightly but this only shows when you remove the orb to change the bulb. A minimal amount of surface rust is present on the base.
Well packed, this artifact will ship domestic for $15.00, international for $34.00.
$275 – Item # 0818JAPILLUM3IN


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