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Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.
This is the globe bank that everybody is looking for! Great graphics and an even better message make it a collector’s favorite. Plus, coin banks are small enough to fit in any collection and the fill the gaps perfectly between your larger globes!
The Golden Rule Foundation used these globes to collect donations for a variety of charities and as such they are numbered on the base. This one shows a handwritten number 49092. The globe and base are covered in a variety of quotes.

Inscriptions on globe: He who eats may share / Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself / The world is now one neighborhood / The Golden Rule would make it one brotherhood.

Inscriptions on base: It is more blessed to give than to receive / The Golden Rule Foundation / Give us this day our daily bread / A coin a meal may save a life / Eat your bread in solitude and you will be fed but share your loaf if you would know the flavor of good bread. Grace Noll Crowell — American Mother 1938.

Inscription beneath base: Property of the Golden Rule Foundation 60 E. 42nd St., New York. Contents may be designated to any charity agency of the donor’s choice. Undesignated money will be alloted where careful study reveals most acute need. Golden Rule Foundation • New York • Chicago • Los Angeles. Globe No. Made in U.S.A.

The quote from Grace Noll means that it can be no older than 1938 and the map supports this reasoning. Europe is shown with pre World War 2 borders and Iran is shown instead of Persia (1935).

The orb is made of hollow spun tin with a lithographed map. It sits on a base with a plug on the underside. Diameter of the orb is about 4 inches with a total height (including base) of 5 inches.
The globe is in very good condition for its age; colors are brilliant, details crisp. The plug at the bottom is present and in good shape.
Well packed, this artifact will ship domestic for $9.00, international shipping is $18.00.
$75 — Item #: 0418GOLDRULEBANK


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