24 inch diameter Library Globe with current map, handsome oak stand and aged brass details.

This elegant masterpiece will make quite a statement as the orb has a larger diameter (24 inches). A perfect addition to a Library or Office, one can view the current world of today in the handsome style of yesterdays classic British design. Made by Chris, this artisan crafted sphere can be personalized so you can truly own a world of your own.

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The cartography and artwork have been produced to reflect an ever changing world but delivered in a classic style to resemble a British library globe from the 19th Century.

It incorporates the most recent changes to political boundaries and up to date name changes and can be personalized to represent your view of the world. You may change coloring, display a family crest, add cities or travel routes as you please to create your own future heirloom.

As with all of the globes in this collection it has been produced in the same way as it would’ve been in the heyday of British globe making:

A papier mache sphere is skimmed with plaster, then sanded smooth to form the perfect round surface to which the map is then hand applied, one paper gore at the time. Shellac and lacquer form a perfect satin finish to this exquisite floor standing globe. The globe is angled at 23.5 degrees within the aged brass meridian arm to replicate the Earth’s axis. Diameter of this handsome orb is 24 inches and it stands 62 inches tall.


$3375 & ship     SKU 1014L&M24


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