Exceptionally Rare Japanese Terrestrial Globe; Dated 1912

Japanese globes of this vintage simply do not come to the market very often. This is a fantastic opportunity to snatch not just a beautiful antique globe but an individual piece of art. The cartouche has a actual date of 1912 displayed. It is just a few years before World War 1, when Empires fell and new democracies rose from its ashes. Though this is a time capsule of the time before, when these great imperialistic Empires peacefully divided and colonized the remaining world among themselves….This artifact will allow to share your discerning taste in fine design and historic value alike.

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The map of this exceptionally rare artifact displays the world just before the outbreak of the Great War and places a strong visual emphasis on Imperial Japan. Japan and Japanese controlled Korea are highlighted in red while all the other countries are shown in whites and yellows. In Europe, the Austro Hungarian Empire has reached far into the Balkans, and the Ottoman Empire is documented to have reached well into Africa and around the Red Sea. The Kaiser is reigning in the German Reich as is the Czar in Russia. It is the peaceful industrial period before the infamous assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the excuse to WW1 and the end of Empires…

The cartouche gives a lot of information about this piece. It was made by Komura Kinenido in Osaka and it states that the globe was made in the 11th month of the origin of the Taisho period which would place it at 1912. My Japanese is heavily dependant on help from others so please feel free to correct me if I’ve missed translated anything.


The plaster and paste board orb is covered with 12 individual, hand applied paper gores. Diameter is about 10 inches. The map is rich in color and detail with all the text and labeling in Japanese. Mounted into a numeric stamped half meridian and sits atop a beautiful turned wood base. In typical Japanese style, the axis of the globe is made from a single piece of bamboo. Total height of this stately model is 24 inches inches.


This is an exceptionally rare piece in well preserved condition. There is is slight soiling and scuffs to the orb, in addition to 2 areas of paper loss and 1 creas. These areas can all be seen in the photographs. However, these flaws are indicative of the harsh environment it survived during the first half of the 20th Century and lend to this globe’s substantial character.  Colors are rich, details crisp. The meridian is in ok condition, showing some aging, pitting, but no cracks or other damage. The base has been well persevered but does show minor paint loss, no cracks or damage. The rarity of this model makes up for any blemishes as it still displays very well.

Well packed this fine artifact will ship domestic for $24.00, please inquire for international rates.


$995  –  Item # : 1117JPNOSAKA12


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