Petite c 1900 German Litho Tin Student Globe for the English speaking market

A petite artifact presenting the world of an era long gone. What was once a tool to teach simplified Geography is now a time capsule of history, showing Empires, countries and colonies of over 100+ years ago….

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A superb turn –of –the century Petite World c 1890s-early1900s
Simplified display in mount and map, this petite masterpiece shares with us a world that had vanished over a hundred years ago. Empires of the past are still documented, including Persia and Tripoli (later Libya)
Considering the Angelo-Egyptian Sudan was established in 1899, the litho map identifies the area to still be part of Egypt. You will also find Congo State, which effectively became the Belgian Congo in 1908.
Even though only offering a simplified map, the globe certainly allows a glimpse into the past. One may consider it a petite time capsule.
More likely this little gem had been produced in Germany as it was the largest tin toy and related product producer and exporter up to WW1 and even continued post War. Germany’s advanced Industrial know how and print knowledge is clearly demonstrated on this artifact.
The simplistic wire base identifies it to be a school globe. The globe itself is made of hollow spun tin with a diameter of about 3.5” and a total height of 6”. There is no cartouche visible to identify the manufacture. The lithographed map is simplified.
Considering its age, this globe is in very good condition! Some minor wear in form of scuffing and scratches.However, details are crisp and colors are still very vivid. Minor corrosion, no fading.
The age of the Globe has been determined by political borders displayed which are as follows:
What became the USSR in 1922 is still shown as Russia. Europe is not shown in individual countries.
Persia is visible instead of Iraq (ch.1935) Iran does not exist at all. Saudi Arabia is displayed as Arabia only. Taiwan is identified as Formosa.
Libya is displayed as Tripoli. The Angelo –Egyptian Sudan is not visible but shown as part of Egypt instead. The Congo State is displayed, which later became the Belgian Congo (1908).
Canada is shown as a Dominion. Argentina is identified as Argentine Republic. Columbia expands well into Central Australia (no Panama).
Well packed this petite world will ship for $8.00 domestic, $25.00 world wide.
$110 — Item 1114TIN1900 


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