1890s Petite Globe with Travel Inkwell complete and exceptionally well preserved!

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Crafted by hand, 12 individual paper gores had applied to the tin orb, representing a delicately lithographed map of earth c 1890/1900. One can view the notated outlines of Antarctica as discovered by US Naval Explorer Wilkes (1839). In addition the simplified map identifies rather minimally some countries and cities within the continents.
A spring mechanism allows to open the orb so one can use the inkwell, which is complete with glass bottle, top, brush and leather gasket. The bottom of the orb is slightly flattened to ensure stability.
Functional , this petite object was also a fashion statement, as a man of world would carry a pocket watch and of course, a pocket globe!
The hollow tin orb is covered by 12 individual, hand applied paper gores representing a world of c 1890s. The map is rather simplified. A button allows to open the orb via spring mechanism. The inkwell contains a glass bottle with top and red bristle brush. All is functional. Diameter of the orb is about 2.75 inches.
Exceptionally well preserved, the map is 99 complete with only loss located on the flat bottom surface. The perfectly aged patina offers warm coloring and crisp details. All contents of the inkwell are present.
This fine artifact will shill well packed for $8.00 domestic, $25.00 world wide.
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