1905 Trippensee Tellurian Orrery Planetarium & original Carrying Case with 1891 terrestrial sphere

An exceptionally compelling find as it does not just consist only of a fully functional tellurian but also the original container for this fine scientific instrument. Reproducing the motions of our Universe as it documents the rotations of Earth, the Moon and Venus around our Sun. Exquisite in display as well as function. If you are searching for the rarely obtainable, this exquisite antique scientific instrument  is for you.

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As a refined scientific instrument, this tellurium allowed to introduce eager student to the basics of our Universe by reproducing the motions of the solar system. Such devices had become popular during the 17th century, following the publishing of Sir Isaac Newton’s universal theory of gravity in 1687.
In 1905, three brothers by the name of Trippensee purchased Laing and re-named it the Trippensee Manufacturing Co., located in Detroit, Michigan. Their first products were marketed as Laing Planetariums, however an improved model was soon introduced bearing their own name. It substituted the previous cord driven gears with a more reliable bicycle-style chain and gear drive.
Such model is being offered here. It is in perfect working condition, all planetary, gears and chains are original, present and functional. Quite amazing for a scientific instrument that’s well over 100 years old.
The terrestrial globe itself is made by Rand McNally. It identifies Empires of the past, including Austro Hungarian, Ottoman and Russian Empire. A copyright of 1891 is also shown though since Trippensee did not manufacture Tellurian before 1905, we believe this model to be c 1905, based on the political borders displayed. Which would make it to be one of the very first original Trippensee Artifact.
Completely functional, this scientific instrument is more than just a display. A feast for the eye and the mind alike.
Description & Condition:
Overall well preserved, there is age appropriate wear to the entire artifact, providing the perfect vintage look. The orb representing the sun does not have indentation but much of the brass finish has worn off. The terrestrial sphere offers a perfectly aged patina but also scuffing and rubbing throughout. Details are still crisp, colors warm. The finish of the wooden orbs representing Venus and the moon has wear. The century old custom case is compartmentalized to secure the instrument and bears the label of the manufacturer as well as instructions to remove the piece. The victorian styled details of the case, the latch, hook and carrying handle are present. The case does have wear to the edges consistant with the age but also a piece of missing veneer on the back panel. The overall dimensions of the case are 21 inches in length by 15 inches high by 8 inches deep.
Well packed this artifact will ship domestic for $45.00, international $115.00
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