1927 Geographic Educator Puzzle Globe Rare

If you are looking for the rarely obtainable, the crown jewel of your collection of Globe novelties, this artifact is for you. Produced for only two years before falling victim to the Great Depression, this GlobePuzzle was the newest innovation in teaching World Geography. A globe sliced into sections, each representing continents and countries of its time in form of Bakelite puzzle pieces.

Quite interesting and entertaining, this vintage educational tool will be delightful for any discerning collector.

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If you are looking for the unique and rarely obtainable, this object is for you. Advertised by the manufacture as the “Invention of the Century” this world is literary in pieces.

Even with extensive research, very little information can be found about the manufacture, the Geographic Educator Corporation. Located in Long Island City, NY, the company offered the globe through magazine and newspaper advertisement, calling it “the invention of the century”. The well engineered globe was unique in its design, enhancing interest in Geography among children and well perceived at its introduction in 1927. However, it was quite expensive at $7.50, only affordable to the well established. More likely this is the reason for the company to fold quickly after the market crash of 1929, responsible for the Great Depression.

Produced for only two years, this master piece is the highlight of any globe collection, in spite of not being a complete set.


The globe consists of 7 horizontal sections. When taken apart, each section represents a continent containing puzzle pieces in various colors of Bakelite with raised letters. Most pieces represent countries; some are regions (as of 1927). All internal puzzle pieces are unfortunately not present, which is reflected in the pricing. Please view photos for missing pieces

When assembled, the orb has a six inch diameter. Including the cast iron tripod base, the artifact is 10.5 inches tall. .The outside is covered 12 paper gores, severed by each disc. Some wear and repairs to the map are visible.Slight cracking to the bakelite on two discs. All has a golden patina. Details are very crisp. The cartouche offers a copyright of 1927.

A facsimile copy of the original advertisement will be provided with the globe.



Well packed, this artifact will ship domestic for $20.00, international for $60.00




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