A 1950 Black Oceans Globe with Atlas in Base

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Black Oceans contrast bold rich colored lands, complemented by a black base with brilliant chrome details. A masterpiece, combining form and function at its best! The exceptional design will dominate as art as much as a historic artifact.

When illuminated, this globe offers a splendid warm glow and will certainly provide a nice ambiance in any environment. Individual, hand mounted paper gores over a heavy glass sphere remind one of a lost craftsmanship.

Illuminated Glass Globes were made for only a short period, from the mid 1930’s through the 1950’s. After that, most manufactures changed to more economical, mass produced plastic models.

This model is displaying the political borders of a post WW2 era. In Africa, the last of colonies can still be viewed, including the Belgian Congo and French West Africa.

The original Atlas offered with the globe is present, and shows a detailed view of the world in 1950 which is documented as it’s publishing date. The dawn of the Space Age era is evident. Tibet is still shown independent, as it was to be occupied by China in 1951.

A fine piece of art, this Cold War Artifact will be an exceptional heirloom for generations to come.


The globe itself is made of hand blown glass and covered with 12 individual paper gores representing the map. Oceans are black rather than the more common green/blue. The full meridian has a chrome finish and is mounted to a metal base containing a shelf for the atlas. Note the deco details on the shelf. The base is finished in a matt black. The light switch on the bottom of the globe is in a turn knob style.

The globe itself is in very good condition. Colors are brilliant and the details are crisp. There is one very minor hole near the North Pole, small splattering of white paint near the cartouche, and a few places where the gores are wrinkled. The chrome finish of the meridian is in overall nice condition with minor pitting can be seen in some areas. The base is also in very good condition but does have some minor scuffing on the corners. No cracks or rust. The lighting is in good working condition. I have left the original cord in place but I can easily replace it with a twisted cloth cord for an additional $15.

The Atlas’ spine is sunwashed and has lots of scratches on the exterior but well preserved interior.

This fine artifact will ship for $45.00 domestic, $99.00 world wide

$375 — Item #: 0118REPBLKILL50


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