Brilliant 1958 French Art Deco illuminated Glass Globe highlighting Aviation Routes of Air France

As a classic display of French Elegance, this sphere combines form and function at its best. Refined design and a warm ambiance when illuminated is not all this vintage globe has to offer. It also displays history of the Cold War era and flight routes of Air France as of 1958.- in addition to a recently independent Morocco and a United Arab Republic treaty between Egypt and Syria (1958-61).

No matter if you enjoy sophisticated French Design, are a political Cold War Junkie or an vintage aviation aficionado, this recently imported object de art will ensure the envy of friends and colleagues…..

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This brilliant Terrestrial Globe, made by Perrina of Paris, France has a very Art Deco styled mount, consisting of polished aluminum.. When illuminated, the light creates a warm and inviting ambiance, beautifully reflecting onto the step design base. The hand applied paper map displays the political borders of c.a. 1958. Note especially that this Globe documents clearly the 38th Parallel in Korea, which signifies the border between the North and South.

In addition it identifies global flight routes and singles out Air France routes. Shipping lines are also separated between French and the rest of the world…..

A splendidly presented Art Deco object, magnificent to view for its beauty as well as history.



The 10 inch diameter orb is made of Glass, covered with 12 individual paper gores of paper representing the map. The legend includes flight and commercial shipping routes and identifies Air France flight routes separately. Language on the Globe is French. The base appears to be made of Aluminum and has a tier design. It provides the Globe with a somewhere between Art Deco and Retro look. Very unique! The light is functional, with European style plug. Converter plugs can be obtained at your local hardware or travel store. The cartouche reads as follows: Globe Terrestre Perrina- M. Piquart Directeur-19 rue des Minimes- Paris. Total height is 14.5 inches.



Exceptionally well preserved. Colors are rich and warm, details crisp. Minimal scuffing, (north axis), very clean, no fading. The polished aluminum base retains its brilliant shine. Some very minor pitting, no cracks, dents or damage.


The age of the Globe has been determined by the political borders displayed, which are as follows:


It’s post WWII, though Germany has not yet been divided… What is now the Czech Republic and Slovakia is shown as one: Czechoslovakia. Yugoslavia is visible, which has meanwhile seized to exist. Independent countries of today such as Lithuania and Latvia are shown to be part of the former USSR.

Middle East/Asia:

United Arab Republic, a venture between Syria and Egypt from 1958-61 is clearly visible. Israel has replaced Palestine (1948). Today’s Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia are still visible as Indochina as well as in their new identities(1954).Korea has been divided into North and South, showing the 38th parallel (1953).


Colonies including French West Africa, British and French Somaliland, French Equatorial Africa and the Angelo –Egyptian Sudan as well as the Belgian Congo are displayed (ceased 1960), Morocco is shown independent(1956).



Well packed, this artifact will ship domestic for $28.00, $62.00 international (most countries).


$385   SKU#914FRENPER58



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