c 1940 Celestial Globe by Rand McNally with authentic Bakelite basic

This vintage scientific instrument invites you view the celestial night, Art Deco style! View stars, constellations and the Milky Way out of the convenience of your home with this beautiful celestial globe by Rand McNally. Combining form and function at its best, this fine masterpiece with exquisite cradle styled Bakelite base will demand attention wherever displayed

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This object de art is certainly a fine conversation starter.
View the constellation of Perseus, Andromeda or Ursa Major , delicately displayed and outlined in the character it represents. A deep teal background provides the perfect background to golden colored stars and light blue characters.
Edited by Oliver Lee, the celestial map also identifies clusters and nebulas, stars are scaled by magnitude.
The attractive Bakelite base has elegant Art Deco details . Per Rand Mcnally 1940 catalog, this model sold for $4.50.
Ever wished upon a star? Here is your opportunity to own your own celestial skies!
The 9 inch diameter pasteboard orb is mounted into a Bakelite cradle base. The map is deep teal, characters are light blue and stars golden yellow. Details are crisp, colors rich. Total height is 12 inches.
Very well preserved with some wear to the equatorial band (see photo) and minor soiling. Base and meridian are in very good condition, no cracks or other damage.
About the manufacture:
Rand McNally & Co. (1856 [1880 globe production] – current), Chicago
William Rand opened his first print shop in 1856, hired McNally, an Irish immigrant, in 1858. In 1868, the two established a partnership and the name Rand McNally & Co. As a print shop they produced the newspaper for the Chicago Tribune as well as timetables, travel guides and tickets for the fast growing railroad industry. In 1872, the company pioneered cerography, an innovative wax-engraving print technique that made it possible to follow world changes in print quickly and more economically. As a result, even though they did not make globes themselves until 1880, by the end of the late 1800s Rand McNally were producing globe gores not just for their own models, but for many of the other Chicago Globe makers. Today Rand McNally is mostly known for road maps and is a division of the Berlitz corporation.
Well packed this artifact will ship domestic for $18.00 $62 .00 world wide.
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