c 1969 Lunar Moon Globe by Rand McNally pre Apollo 11 Landing

A must for any Space, Apollo or mid century modern design Aficionado, this model has captured a specific moment in time. Apollo 10 has for the first time travelled around the moon, sharing the dark side as Apollo 11 is preparing to make history………. Do you remember where you were when the landing occurred?

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An exquisite 1969 scientific lunar model of the Space Age Era.
The Space Age was a time period encompassing the activities related to the Space Race, space exploration, space technology, and the cultural developments influenced by these events. The Space Age is generally considered to have begun with Sputnik (1957) and ended with the last Space Shuttle flight a few years ago.
The Space Age was characterized by rapid development of new technology in a close race between the USA and the Soviet Union. Rapid advances were made in rocketry, materials science, computers and other areas. Much of the technology originally developed for space applications has been spun off and found other uses.
It reached its peak with the Apollo program that captured the imagination of much of the world\’s population. The landing of Apollo 11 was watched by over 500 million people around the world and is widely recognized as one of the defining moments of the 20th century.
This Rand McNally Lunar Globe is a great memorabilia of this magnificent era. Our model still displays the just recently ( Apollo 10 fly by) explored dark side side, never visible to earth with very generic, un named landscape, as the other half of the moon identifies valleys, mountains and craters very detailed.
Landing sites of Apollo 11 has yet to be immortalized onto the globe, as the globe had been produced prior to the event.
Description & Condition:
Well maintained over the 4 past decades, the moon shows minimal wear, no loss of map or rubbing. Some minor scuffing and soiling. The space age clear acrylic plastic base has a very mid century modern feel. As a matter of fact, the entire model displays a very clean, minimalistic feel. A true artifact of its era in style as well as history.
Diameter of the orb is 12 inches with a total height of 15 inches.
An exquisite Space Age Era artifact!
Well packed this artifact will ship domestic for $15.00, $56.00 world wide
$175 — Item #: 514RMcNLUN69


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