Educational School Chart Blast Furnace Foundry by Rudolf Reinkenhof Vienna c 1957

We are very pleased to have discovered this specific School chart, titled Blaßstahlwerk. It presents the inner workings of a steel blast furnace within a foundry in the late 1950s.

While admiring the artistic abstract details of this old school chart, we realized it was more than just an educational tool. It was a print commissioned to renowned Austrian Painter, Professor and Graphic Artist Rudolf Reinkenhof.


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This is an exceptionally rare opportunity to obtain a true piece of Graphic design disguised as a school chart by an exceptionally talented artist of the past, who’s work, if one is fortunate, is to be found in Museums, Galleries and throughout the beautiful city of Vienna.

This school chart for the German educational system has a classic look of Viennese abstract modern design. The original sketch of this print consisting of charcoal and pastels was recently auctioned at the renowned Auction house Dorotheum in 2012.

More on the Artist:

Rudolf Reinkenhof (1905 -1980, Vienna Austria)

Painter, Graphic Artist, Designer and Professor at the prestigious Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt“, the Vienna college for graphic design. There Professor Reinkenhof fostered future Artists including Heinz Anger.

Educated at the Vienna Akademie of the Arts by Karl Sterrer, Josef Jungwirth und Alois Delug, Reinkenhof quickly succeeded as a desired Graphic artist, creating book covers, travel posters, advertisement and more. One of the best known designs is a poster advertising for Norddeutsche Llyods Steamship travel company and the Austrian Railroad Holiday – Vacation adverts.

Should you have the opportunity to stroll through Vienna, make sure to see the Wall mosaic “Vögel” created by Rudolf Reinkenhof in 1955. It is located at Thalheimergasse Herbststraße 87-91. We have added a photo of the mural as well as a sketched  portrait of the artist and a photo of the original sketch leading to this poster.

This school chart, depicting a scene at a foundry, was clearly designed during Reinkehofs career as a Professor as stated on the print.

Unfortunetly, most of these school charts have been destroyed as they eventually became outdated educational tools. We have this one to offer thanks to a teacher that recognized brilliant design. He rescued this chart from being discarded and stored it at his home.


A rare piece of beautiful Graphic Art, merging form and function at its best.


Description: Mounted between two rods and linen backed.

Dimension: 26 inches by 40 inches

Condition: Good, vintage condition. Some wrinkles from storage, minor soiling, fraying.


Domestic shipping:  $20.00. World Wide $49.00

$365     SKU# 114REINKEN57








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