Scarce 1969 Lunar Globe by Weber Costello

This lunar globe is a gem of both the Space Age and of Mid Century design. The 12″ orb is covered in paper gores and documents all of the major lunar landings up through the second manned mission, Apollo 12. The simple and elegant base is made in teak wood and is in excellent condition.

This scarce model will make a perfect addition to any serious collection. If you are looking for a piece that you likely won’t see on the market again for a very long time, this is the one.

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Vintage Weber Costello Lunar Globe – 1969
This is a scarce example of an incredibly hard to find 12″ lunar globe produced by Weber Costello in Chicago, Ill. This was one of the last models the company made shortly before they shut down in the late 1960’s.
The globe is comprised of a fiberboard orb with coated paper gores while the teak mount is a wonderful representation of Mid Century Modern style. The four footed base and the gold finished gimbal mount – which rotates horizontally and vertically – complete the retro styling of the globe. it measures approximately 17″ in height including the stand.
The legend reads as follows – Lunar Data: Diameter- 2,160 miles, Circumference- 6,786 miles, Mean distance from Earth- 238,900 miles, Elevation figures- Depth of crate in feet, (Rim crest to crate floor), Scale 1:11,404,800 or 1 inch to 180 miles, Weber Costello, Made in the USA, Published by Benefic Press, Chicago, ILL., 330-191
This is a very detailed globe and is packed with information, names, altitudes, and all of the landing sites for the Surveyor and Ranger missions and the flight paths for the Lunar Orbiter. The Apollo missions are documented through Apollo 12 (1969) while the proposed landing site for Apollo 13 (1970) is also shown. The dark side carries much very little information other than the legend and some lunar orbiters along with 3 sites: Jules Verne crater, Tsiolkowsky crater and the Mare Moscoviense or Sea of Moscow.
The condition of the globe is very good. The equator tape is intact all around the globe. There is minimal wear in the form of light scattered scuffs and some light scratching. The globe spins freely and the mount rotates easily. The teak base is in excellent condition with no issues or wear.
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$685 — Item #: 916WCLUNAR69 


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