Unusual c 1925 Cast Iron and paper gore terrestrial Globe Bank by Denoyer Geppert

This petite artifact is more than just a terrestrial Globe, it is your own personal World Bank! Handcrafted, individual paper gores representing the map are applied atop a cast iron orb just as meticulous as on any true terrestrial sphere. A fine piece from the roaring 1920’s, this world is quite a novelty, a rare artifact desirable for coin bank collectors just as much as globe aficionados!

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A petite and unusual Globe Novelty, this artifact is a true “World Bank”!

Made of heavy cast metal, covered with individual, hand applied paper gores, this small artifact documents superb craftsmanship of the past. The unique cast metal globe bank was a popular gift to new clients opening savings account at a bank.

A very well preserved map shares politically the world of the roaring 20’s is displayed. The Japanese Empire is present, in Europe the Russian Revolution is evident as Petrograd has just been renamed Leningrad. However, the country is still titled Russia, not USSR. One is still able to view Constantinople, Persia and many other magical historic sites.

The mechanism of the bank is functional, the globe opens at the equator with a key, which is included with the artifact and makes this World Bank functional!

Enjoy your own world bank!



The globe is made of cast iron and is covered with Gores of paper, representing a simplified map. Total height of the Globe is 4.5 inches with a diameter of 2.5. The globe is removable from the mounting, which consists of a metal dowel and wooden base in a walnut finish. The globe can be disassembled into 3 pieces, wooden base, globe and solid metal dowel.



The artifact is in good very condition for its age. Details are very crisp. There is some spotting, minor soiling and scuffing but no loss of map. The mounting is in good condition, no cracks or breakage. Some scuffing to the wooden base and pitting to the metal of the dowel. Please see pictures for details.


The age of the Globe has been determined by political borders and names of cities displayed which are as follows:

In Turkey, what is today Istanbul is shown as Constantinople. The name change occurred in 1930. Germany is shown in its pre-WW2 borders. Petrograd has changed to Leningrad (1924); however, Russia is not yet shown to be the USSR.

Manchuria in China has not yet been occupied by Japan, which occurred in 1932. Korea is shown to be part of Japan. Japan is displayed as the Japanese Empire.S audi Arabia is displayed as Arabia only (became Saudi Arabia in 1932).


Well packed this artifact will ship domestic for $12, please inquire for international postage.


$249 SKU# 914DGBNK25C


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