6 Inch Depression Era Petite Desk Globe; Circa 1930

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It was a common practice for small companies to buy components or whole globes from the larger established companies and simply put their name on the cartouche. Greenlee Manufacturing Company did just that for this globe. Most likely they bought the whole globe from Weber Costello and simply sold it under their name. Its an odd fit by any measure, as Greenlee was (and still is) primarily a heavy machinery company.


These mid-sized globes are my favorite, as they can fit just about anywhere and yet still make a big impact. The orb is made of pressed cardboard and features a half meridian and sits on a simple wooden base. The map is rich in color and crisp in details. Diameter of the orb is 6 inches and a total width of 8 inches. This petite globe stands 10 inches tall.


The globe is in good condition with only a few minor dings and scratches. All colors are bold and rich, and the illustrations are sharp and clear. The only two blemishes of note are the missing map over part of Nigeria and a small nick to the equator tape near Italian Somaliland. These can seen in the photos.


The age of the globe has been determined by the political display, which is as follows:

The very short lived Central Australia is documented (1926-31) and Istanbul has officially replaced Constantinople (1930) while Persia is still shown (changes to Iran in 1935).

Well packed, this artifact will ship for $18 domestically and $32 internationally.

$195 — Item #0118GREENDSK30






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