Dated 1927 Geographic Educator Globe; Solid 6 Inch Alternate Version

While for many globe novelty collectors the Geographic Educator Puzzle Globe is their Holy Grail, this artifact is actually far more scarce! Produced for only two years before falling victim to the Great Depression, this alternate variation to the Globe Puzzle was the perfect size to have one in every classroom. Made with all the same basic components as the puzzle but without all the extra cuts to the gores, the solid model has held up better over the years. It will be a beautiful addition to your collection!

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If you are looking for the unique and rarely obtainable, then this is the globe for you. We’re thrilled to present the extremely scarce alternate version of what Geographic Educator advertised as the “Invention of the Century.”

The grandiose billing was for their more famous puzzle variation (shown in the last picture). In this globe, the orb is made up of 7 horizontal sections that are stacked around the axis. When taken apart, each section represents a continent containing puzzle pieces in various colors of Bakelite with raised letters. Most pieces represent countries; some are regions (as of 1927). In this version, the orb is solid and there are no surprise pieces inside. Both versions use the same map, axis and stand. The 1926 version of the globes feature a simplified metal stand that was replaced in 1927 with a more ornate design.


The orb is covered with 12 paper gores that make up the map. There are three damaged areas to note. First, there is a small section of map missing near the Arctic Circle. Second, there is a damaged section of map off the coast of India. Third, the area around the South Pole has been damaged as a result of rubbing against the mount. A washer has been added to solve the problem. All are clearly shown in the photos. Luckily, none greatly detracts from the look of the globes as the colors blend together. The rest of the map has a beautiful golden patina. Details are very crisp and clear. The cartouche offers a copyright of 1927.

A facsimile copy of the original advertisement will be provided with the globe.

About the Maker:

Even with extensive research, very little information can be found about the manufacture, the Geographic Educator Corporation. Located in Long Island City, NY, the company offered both globes through magazine and newspaper advertisement, calling it “the invention of the century”. The well engineered globes were quite expensive; only affordable to the well established. This is the most likely reason for the company to fold so quickly after the market crash of 1929.

Produced for only two years, this exceptional piece will be a highlight of any globe collection.

Well packed, this artifact will ship domestic for $18.00, international for $32.00

$395 – Item #: 1117GEOEDUSLD27


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