Bo Press Miniature Globes

The first time we found a Bo Press orrery, we were intrigued by its tiny size yet integrate and detailed in display. Perfect for one who admires the beauty of terrestrial spheres and related planetary objects but lacks the space it requires to display.
Each piece is individually made by hand, using the same artisan technique of a globe maker from the 18th and 19th century. The details of these little worlds are simply mesmerizing, the skill of creating these tiny objects astonishing!
Each of the Masterpieces featured here had been made exclusively for us and are only available at Omniterrum.

After a career as a theatrical costumer, Pat Sweet decided to build a dollhouse. Since I’ve always been a book collector, I was looking forward to including a miniature library, but the cost of most miniature books seemed to put it out of my reach. As a costumer, I’ve had to make all sorts of odd things, so I had a wonderful thought, “You know, I’ll bet I could make miniature books!” Once mastering the art of writing and publishing miniature books, it was only a small step to move on to orreries, tellurian and globes, since every sophisticated library (no matter of size) should house at least one scientific instrument like a globe…
I also make astronomical and philosophical instruments in miniature: pocket globes, orreries, tellurions, and the occasional oddity.

Pat has an established a world wide following for her brilliantly created objects, from Globe collectors to Dollhouse aficionados.

Please review our collection available for purchase, you will truly appreciate the exceptionally detailed masterpieces as much as we do.

By the way, her dollhouse has yet to be built……

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