An Appraisal Report ensures coverage for items that are not protected by your general home insurance. Our reports include detailed descriptions of each object along with the retail replacement values. This document will provide you with a thorough record of your possessions and help protect your investments in the case of natural disaster or accident. Our appraisal reports have been accepted by insurance companies.

Accredited appraisal reports are typically written and researched using one of two types of values, either Retail Replacement or Fair Market. The retail value is what an item would cost in a retail establishment.  This value is most often used to establish insurance coverage or to settle a personal property insurance claim. Fair Market Value is what an item would cost on the secondary market, such as auctions or wholesalers.

To provide an accurate appraisal of your artifact we would prefer to have the object for in depth review in hand, but are able to work with photographs depending on the subject and its circumstances.

Appraisals are priced $75.00 USD and up.

Identification / Evaluation

You have an old globe and just wonder if it has value. We offer a short evaluation at no cost. Just send us a few photographs and we will gladly offer you a brief description based on our own expert knowledge, our long contact list, and years of exposure in the field. Be advised, this is not an official document and does not replicate an official appraisal. This will simply let you know if you have an item of value.

Conservation and Restoration

Madieke Fleuren restaurator
0031 6 47096682

Madieke Fleuren runs a workshop for the restoration of antique globes and graphics.  We have been restoring Antique Globes for over 14 years.  During this time, we have worked on Terrestrial and Celestial Globes in various sizes, from Pocket up to over 1 meter in diameter, including Armillary Spheres, Orrery’s and case making for scientific instruments world wide.  Different globes need different plans of engagement. We can ensure every globe will be fully inspected before a plan is made.  We will provide ongoing communication with the owner of the globe to make sure we can deliver the globe as expected.

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