The Geographic educator company………………so what happened….?

The Geographic educator company was an interesting contributor to the marketplace for globes and globe related teaching instruments. A flash in the pan, this company based on Long Island NY lasted about 3 years before folding presumably under the weight of the great depression. However in that short time they produced a couple of very interesting toys/ learning tools of a geographic nature that are highly sought after by globe collectors today.
By far this company is known in the globe collecting world as the producer of the Geographic Educator Puzzle globe. A wonderful cross sectioned terrestrial globe that separates to reveal continents and further still, countries arranged as individual puzzles.
Although active for only a few years these globes are readily available for sale, usually showing up on eBay and through dealer web sites on a regular basis. Easy to find yes, but the challenge becomes finding an intact example. So often these globes are found with pieces of the puzzle missing, or other damage to the outside gores due to it’s repeated assembly and dis assembly over the years. This example shown below is better than average of what you will find when shopping for this particular globe

DSCF0509          DSCF0516           DSCF0512

The Geographic educator company was not necessarily a one trick pony, they did make at least one more learning apparatus. Called Block-o-Graphy, it was a rather ingenious puzzle, that took advantage of all sides of a building block to make 6 different puzzles each showing one continent, clever almost a disassembled Rubik’s cube.  Here below is a complete Block-o-Graphy game, a rather nice example.

DSCF1752                   DSCF1775


So with two unique products to offer what happened to this company? Were they victims of the depression? Was their core product too expensive to produce? Too expensive period? At $7.50 ( in 1927) this was quite a luxury to be able to afford one of these for your child. Was Block-o-Graphy added late in the company’s short existence as a “last gasp” attempt to salvage things? Does this explain the relative scarcity of the puzzle as compared to the globe?
I might be mistaken but I think this company also made a solid globe also 6 inch in diameter of the traditional variety, seems I saw one at auction once? If anyone can confirm this, or better yet send me a picture I would love to know!
If you are considering adding a puzzle globe or a Block-O-Graphy set to your collection, keep in mind completeness. Don’t even bother with a Block-O-Graphy with any missing pieces, it’s not worth your time. As for the educator globe, they are difficult to find complete, is one missing piece a deal breaker……? Well that depends,  defiantly it is important to find one with globe gores mostly or completely intact because after all it will be displayed most likely in it’s assembled state. Just my 2 cents anyhow!
I have included an original ad below I should mention the inventor is a man named Charles B. Roberts, presumably he is also the man behind the company I have tried to learn about this person, but little else seems to be available concerning him or his interesting contribution to geographic studies in this country.


An original ad for the Geographic educator globe

As always lets discuss, if you know something about this company or these globes I’d love to hear about it , drop me a line or leave a comment below, happy hunting……..

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