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I want to write a quick post to introduce myself, and at the same time introduce the Omniterrum Globe blog.  I am an avid globe collector who started blogging about globes as a way to connect to other collectors.  As a collector I have been frustrated by the lack of information when it comes to collecting globes.  It’s pretty frustrating to type ” collecting globes” or “antique globes” into a Google search window and all you find is a bunch of sites dedicated to old snow globes!  Hey nothing against the snow globe folks, but really…

So what are my qualifications to be writing this blog, am I a “globe expert”?  Did I study geography in college?  Do I personally have the worlds greatest collection of globes?

NO, NO and certainly NO.  What I do have is passion for my subject. I love globes, I love the snapshots of history they provide, I love the scientific knowledge they represent, and I love them as objects of art, useful sculpture really.   I’ve been collecting actively since 2007 I happened onto a great late 1930’s Cram’s floor globe at an antique mall and it was love at first site. the rest is history, actually a room full of history at this point. I’m becoming more selective as my tastes change, and my display space runs low. Personally Im striving to assemble a representative collection of American globes from about 1830 to 1950  from Wilson to Weber I like to say.

Many people reading this blog will never own a globe as old as 1930 let alone 1830, and there are also a group of collectors who would not touch anything made after 1900. That’s the great thing about a hobby such as this there really is room for everyone.

In short my goal as a blogger is to broaden the hobby’s exposure, and to provide information to new collectors that I wish I had when I bought my 1st globe.  I’ll never call myself an expert, far from it I’m learning everyday, with that in mind I strive for accuracy in my posts but inevitably mistakes will be made.  I love to offer my opinion, and remember it is just that an opinion, my bloggers right I think ha….

I encourage discussion, comments, and criticism in the comments section, If you want to contact me directly feel free at ktl340@aol.com

With thanks, Kyle


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