1938/39 Polish Car Club Book and Map

1938/39 Polish Car Club Book and Map


This is the official 1938/39 Polski Touring Klub guidebook and its folded map of the country. This book is an amazing glimpse into a pivotal year in Polish history. The book is filled with itineraries for drives between all the major cities, tons of advertisements for classic cars, tires and more. 

The map is stored in a pocket on the back cover. It has amazing graphics and shows the pre-war borders for Poland. The country was situated further east at that time and occupied a large portion of what is now Lithuania and Ukraine. 

The book's cover has been torn and repaired. It also has one insect hole toward the bottom of the pages. The map is separated along one seam but will easily frame up and display with no issues. 

Book measures 6.5" X 9.5"

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