Framed 1860 Mitchell's Map of North America

Framed 1860 Mitchell's Map of North America

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Map of North America Showing its Political Divisions, and Recent Discoveries in the Polar Regions

In addition to the obvious highlights in North America, the map is noteworthy for showing the path of Capt. Robert McClure on his discovery of the Northwest Passage as he sailed from New York over Canada and down through the Bering Strait.

Mitchell maps are highly prized for their detail and aesthetics and this map does not disappoint. Austin is proudly shown as are places that no longer exist such as Russian America instead of Alaska or Danish America instead of Greenland. These last two are faintly colored in green while a red line marks the borders between Canada, The US, and Mexico.

Map and frame are in excellent condition.

Frame measures 15.5"x12.5" and the map measures 14.5"x11.5"

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