360 terrestrial Globe with handsome mahogany Base

360 terrestrial Globe with handsome mahogany Base


This sophisticated Table Globe offers a certain masculinity with it’s elegantly turned mahogany base. With not only being able to rotate the axis but also turn the meridian, the aged brass mount allows one to admire the hand applied, delicately printed map from various angles. Indeed, a very handsome object de art with current day functionality.


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The 360 globe as it’s name suggests can be spun in any direction courtesy of it’s brilliantly designed, aged brass double axis. This allows full access to every inch of the globe and brings a different spin on the traditional way of viewing globes. Fine balancing and weight distribution ensure the globe rests in an upright position ready for it’s next spin. Mounted onto an ever so elegant mahogany base, this splendid masterpiece makes a fine statement in any setting. 
As with all of the globes in this collection, it has been made by hand, following traditional techniques and using exactly the same materials as have been employed in globe making for centuries, helping keep alive skills that may otherwise die out. 
The globe has a diameter of 13 inches  and stands an impressive 27 inches tall .

This sphere can be personalized upon request.

$1898 & ship from UK     SKU 1014L&MGIMBAL