An Imperial Globe with ethnic illustrations of the Human Race c 1909-18

An Imperial Globe with ethnic illustrations of the Human Race c 1909-18


This exceptionally rare globe offers exquisite illustrations and descriptions of the Human Races as generally accepted within Imperial Nations of the past. Exquisitely ignorant and shocking today, it was considered scientific and cultural acceptable 100 years ago. Certainly a reminder of the need for continuous social growth within the human race.

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Made for the Dutch speaking market, this petite imperial artifact displays in addition to a traditional map human portraits of various races.

We are unable to determine the exact age of this petite world as some delicately engraved details contradict each other. St Petersburg in Russia and Christiana in Norway are clearly visible, which changed to Petrograd and Oslo in 1914. Poland is shown as a region rather than a country as is Finland. Both gained independence as individual nations in 1917. The Austro-Hungarian Empire is visible, yet so is South Slavia (later Yugoslavia) is visible, thus documenting the break up of the Empire post WW1.

Some Effects of the treaty of Versailles are evident as Germany no longer has ownership over colonies in Africa. However, all other imperial colonization is well documented, showing the colonies highlighted in the same colors as its Imperial occupier (France, United Kingdom, USA and more).

Our conclusion is for this terrestrial sphere to be made sometime between 1909-1918.

Indeed, a very fascinating piece of history, ensuring hours of interesting exploration by reviewing the map.

The petite orb is mounted onto a very handsome, baluster turned and ebonized wooden base with cast iron connector. Combined with the exquisite engraving, this artifact is a testament of superb craftsmanship and attention to detail.

We have not been able to find out much about Windels of Belgium, despite our extensive efforts. We can only speculate that t has been a relationship with Lebegue of Paris, which had a branch in Brussels, Belgium.

The 5 inch diameter globe consists of 12 individual hand applied paper gores and two polar calottes over a plaster sphere. Language on the globe is Dutch. In addition to political borders, ocean currents and rivers, one can also view colonies and Human races.

The orb is mounted onto a cast iron connector and fine, baluster turned and ebonized wooden base. Total height is

12.25 inches.


This globe is in good condition, only minimal rubbing and soiling. A repair is visible in Asia, next to the portrait of an Asian. The mounting is solid, no cracks or corrosion. The foot had been glued at one point, see bottom.

If you are in search of an exquisite piece any globe aficionado would envy, this artifact is for you.

Well packed, this artifact will ship for $16.00 domestic, $52.00 world wide.

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