C 1930s Orrery -Tellurian – Planetarium by Vetter Ideal of New York with original Case

C 1930s Orrery -Tellurian – Planetarium by Vetter Ideal of New York with original Case


An exceptionally compelling find as it does not just consist only of a fully functional tellurian but also the original container for this fine scientific instrument. Reproducing the motions of our Universe as it documents the rotations of Earth, the Moon and Venus around our Sun. Exquisite in display as well as function. If you are searching for the rarely obtainable, this exquisite antique scientific instrument is for you.


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As a refined scientific instrument, this tellurium allowed to introduce eager student to the basics of our Universe by reproducing the motions of the solar system. Such devices had become popular during the 17th century, following the publishing of Sir Isaac Newton’s universal theory of gravity in 1687.

Such model is being offered here. It is in working condition, all planetary, gears and chains are original, present and functional though a bit “rusty”.

Rather than chain driven like the Trippensee models, Ideal tellurians are shaft (torque) drive. The terrestrial globe itself is made by Crams, representing the 1930s. While the base of the tellurian identifies season and months in French, the Cram’s globe documents political and geographical details in English.

Completely functional, this scientific instrument is more than just a display. A feast for the eye and the mind alike.


Description & Condition:

Overall well preserved and functional, there is age appropriate wear to the entire artifact, providing the perfect vintage look. The earth consist of a hollow spun metal sphere, covered by 12 individual, hand applied paper gores representing the world of c 1932. The brass sun does not have indentation but some of the finish has worn off. The terrestrial sphere offers a perfectly aged patina but also scuffing and rubbing throughout. Details are still crisp, colors warm. Small loss of paper of one gore near North Pole. The case does have wear to the edges consistent with the age. The overall dimensions of the planetarium are about 21 inches in length by 15 inches high by 8 inches deep ( base diameter).


Location of this Artifact is Canada. Shipping within the USA and Canada is $45.00, please inquire for global shipping quotes.


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