Handcrafted Mars Globe based on the theories of American Astronomer Percival Lowell (1855-1916)

Handcrafted Mars Globe based on the theories of American Astronomer Percival Lowell (1855-1916)


An exceptional, artisan masterpiece, crafted by hand as the master globe makers of the past.

Lowell’s map of Mars inspired many minds, creating everything from infamous science fiction books and movies and intrigued historic mars astronomers, institutions and museums alike


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Planetary Spheres are rare items. Among them, planet mars was always of utmost interest. It was the observation by Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli (1835-1910 that framed the idea of intelligent life on planet mars. Schiaparelli observed a complex network of fine dark lines on the surface of mars. These long straight lines appeared to have been drawn using a ruler or compass and Schiaparelli called them “canali”.

Percival Lowell (1855-1916), an American businessman, author, mathematician, and astronomer, was fascinated by Schiaparelli’s observations and build his own observatory in Flagstaff Arizona solely for observation of planet mars. For over fifteen years Lowell observed Mars and named over 200 mars canals. Lowell was convinced that an advanced but desperate culture had built the canals to tap Mars’ polar ice caps, the last source of water on an inexorably drying planet. It was his idea that excited the public. H.G. Wells’ War of the worlds (1897) and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars (1912) are strongly influenced by Lowell’s view.

Very few Mars Globes have been fabricated in the past, even less based on Lowell’s Mars Canal map. Exceptionally rare, yet in demand by institutions, museums and historic astronomy aficionados.

Planetenkugel-Manufaktur, a newly founded Globe Maker in Germany, decided to fill this gap by producing a 12’ Sphere, representing Lowell’s vision of Mars, canals included.
The globe is an artisan masterpiece, in the tradition of the great globe makers of the past:

12 hand applied paper gores, which are mounted one by one onto a plaster sphere and finished with a special varnish. The orb is then mounted onto a classic, baluster turned, wooden base and balanced to spin smoothly within its mount.

The Cartouche reads “Nach Beobachtungen von Percival Lowell, Giovanni Schiaparelli & Camille Flammarion” [Translation to English = “According to observations by Percival Lowell, Giovanni Schiaparelli & Camille Flammarion”]. The South pole caption reads: “Mars and its Canals; Vidi ego , quod Fuerat Quondam solidissima tellus, esse fretum” [ Translation in English = “Mars and its Canals; I saw myself what was once firm land, become the sea” ]
North pole caption shows a quote by Giovanni Schiaparelli (in italian language).

Scale 1:22.250.000 (1cm = 222.5 km)
Sphere diameter = ~12 inches
Total height ~16 inches
Wooden base diameter = ~8 inches
Weight ~11 lbs




Made to order, one sphere at the time. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

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