Impressive early 20th century Library Globe by W & AK Johnston

Impressive early 20th century Library Globe by W & AK Johnston


This massive terrestrial globe of c 1910 is more than a testament to fine craft of wood carving and map making skills. It is a rare opportunity to obtain an heirloom for generations to come. This artifact demonstrates in up most detail why W&AK Johnston, are considered to be Scotland and Englands finest engravers during the early 20th century.

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Impressive in statue, this handsome masterpiece is cradled in a hand carved base consisting of 3 lion paws and ornate details in a traditional Georgian style. 36 individual paper gores have been applied to a 30 inch diameter plaster and wood orb, documenting the world of c 1910. The orb is mounted into a full brass meridian which allows for the orb to be tilted for the purpose of better viewing.

Traditionally these beautiful artifacts are very rare as each was individually hand crafted and maintained by families throughout generations. Offering this sophisticated object to the public is a once in a life time opportunity.

The artifact stands approx. 48 inches tall and has an overall diameter of about the same.

Perfect to make a statement in one\’s library or den, this fantastic piece demands space and attention.

One can view the exceptionally detailed engraved map for hours, discovering empires one can only read of today, including Austro Hungaria. Metropolitan cultural Centers of the past like Constantinople, Oslo and the original St. Petersburg can be admired. Advancement of technology is well documented, showing Underwater Telegraph lines including date of completion (as late as 1901).

Well maintained, this masterpiece has aged gracefully with only minor flaws.

Please contact us for more detailed information, photos or if you would like to arrange for an actual viewing.

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