Majestic 1959 dated original School Floor Globe with classic Mid Century Design

Majestic 1959 dated original School Floor Globe with classic Mid Century Design


An original 1959 Educational Globe, this large floor model offers not just history lesson but will make quite a MOD statement wherever displayed! The handsome solid wood maple base provides an elegant yet minimalistic look, while the orb shares the world of the Cold War era.

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This 24 inch diameter (yes! 2 feet diameter) physical-political Denoyer-Geppert School Globe from is a fantastic example of the mid-century modern / eames design style, combined with outstanding craftsmanship. Majestic in size, bold in design and highlighting the Space Age Era, this globe will be quite a conversation starter!

Even though no longer perfect (it was indeed a school globe) this model is still very interesting, politically highlighting the Cold War timeline, as Germany is shown divided into East and West. The short lived merger of Egypt and Syria as the United Arab Republic is visible, a union that lasted for only a few years, 1958-61.

The cartouche has an actual print date of 1959.

Unfortunately there are not very many of these wonderfully crafted Globes around anymore, which in our opinion are some of the finest and most under-appreciated pieces.

With this auction we will also include a copy of the original catalog advertisement for this model.

About the manufacture:

Created in 1916 by Otto E. Geppert and L. Phillip Denoyer, former employees of the US branch by W. & A.K.Johston of England (Nystrom), the manufacture specialized in school globes, but did offer from time to time models for the home. The company ceased to exist as a Globe manufacture in the 80’s when Rand McNally purchased its assets. Today the remaining part is called the Denoyer-Geppert Science Co and produces human anatomy teaching models.


This model is a 24” Cartocraft Physical Political Globe, edited by C.B. Odell. The map displays political borders as well as elevation. Capitols of each country are identified. The base is a floor model made of solid wood, which “cradles” the orb. A large horizon ring presenting zodiacs, seasons and month provides this model with a total width of just about 32 inches. Total height is at nearly 5 feet, globe included. The globe is indeed removable from the base. The globe is made of molded fiberboard with a lacquer finish. This is a very large globe!


The Globe is in average condition. Rescued by a teacher from the school in the 1970s, the model does have battle scars on its map. There is minimal soiling and scuffing throughout but quite some tearing and minor loss of paper. Colors are rich and warm, details are crisp. The base however is in very good condition, with little wear, no splits or cracks.

Normally this model carries a price tag of about $1300. Due to the wear to the orb we provide you the opportunity to obtain it for far less.

The cartouche identifies a print date of 1959, political borders are displayed as follows:

It is high noon of the Cold War Era! Germany has been divided into East and West. With this Globe displaying the Cold War Era you can still locate countries like Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. Russia carries the name USSR with countries like Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia being part of it. Today these countries are independent.

Israel has replaced Palestine (1948). Korea has been divided into North and South (1953). Few of the African Colonies still exist, including the Belgian Congo

If you are looking for the unusual, hard to find statement, or if your Birth year is 1959 and you would like to discover what you world looked like,

This artifact is for you!

Due to its oversize we cannot quote shipping without identification of your location. Please inquire.

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