Portuguese Advertising Tin Globe; Circa 1910s

Portuguese Advertising Tin Globe; Circa 1910s


Extremely scarce advertising globe from Portugal. The globe opens up to reveal a roll up series of adverts for the product line from Ferrão which included everything from decorative tins to wine barrels to bottle openers.

The date of the globe is a little hard to pinpoint but as both the Turkish and the Russian Empires are still shown, it must be older than World War One. The design of the advertised products seems to confirm this date; 1910-1917.

Having been made in Portugal and labeled in Portuguese, it should not be a surprise that the extent of the Portuguese Empire is highlighted in Red. This includes islands in the Atlantic, countries in Africa and parts of Indonesia.

Measures 3” in diameter and has no base. It is in beautiful condition with almost no signs of wear. The paper advert is also in excellent condition. Truly rare!

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