Rand McNally Celestial Globe with Chrome Gimbal Mount; Circa 1960s

Rand McNally Celestial Globe with Chrome Gimbal Mount; Circa 1960s


Always wanted to give your loved one the stars? Here is your opportunity! Educate your children in style of our celestial skies with this magnificent mid century modern scientific object! Fine, minimalistic cool lines of the fab chrome base compliment rich, deep blue skies with golden yellow stars and superb light blue constellations and zodiacs. This fine celestial globe will not just entertain your mind but demand attention for its fine design wherever displayed!


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Celestial globes have been the means by which astronomers charted the heavens since ancient times. The first recorded solar eclipse was made by the Chinese in 2136 BC. Chinese observatories were built which date back hundreds of years prior to that. The oldest surviving celestial globe (1144 AD) is from the Islamic world and is currently in the Louvre.

Today, we have iPad apps like Vito Technolog’s Star Walk and Emerald Sequoia’s Observatory to give us precise positions of all the heavenly bodies. Still, there is nothing like a celestial globe to give one the overall perspective of the heavens.

This very mod 1960’s celestial globe by Rand McNally gives visual reference to aid the astronomer’ conception of Earth in space in a very retro style. View the celestial skies, constellations and zodiacs in a 3D format!

The 12 diameter celestial Globe is mounted in a full horizon and meridian base, gimbal style with chrome finish. A deep blue represents the night sky as golden stars and light teal blue outlines present the heavens constellations, zodiacs and more. The meridian may be tilted to adjust the globe for latitude while the horizon ring indicates the actual horizon in relation to the point of observation on Earth. Reviewing and identifying celestial spheres can be challenging as one must think of himself standing in the center of the orb, looking up at the night sky.

The mid century chrome gimbal mount and retro styled base complement the deep blue of the globe, making it quite an attractive piece.

The sphere does have some discoloration to the blue background in a few places. Please see photos. Otherwise exceptionally well preserved with bold colors and brilliant chrome shine.

You will also receive a facsimile of an original catalog advertisement for this model.

A fab piece, combining form and function, it is admired by the scientific mind as much as the artistic eye.

This artifact will ship well packed for $29.00 domestic, $69.00 world wide

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