Rare Cram’s Silver Oceans Terrestrial Globe; Circa 1932

Rare Cram’s Silver Oceans Terrestrial Globe; Circa 1932


Grand in History yet petite in size, this artifact displays oceans in silver rather the more common blue. A handsome masculine look, offering great Machine Age styling while sharing the History of the Great Depression Era.

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This handsome pre WW2 artifact offers an unusual look with its silver oceans rather than the more common blue, green or even black models of its era.

Only two globe makers had the courage to experiment with this unusual color of oceans, Crams and Rand McNally. But only Crams refined the technique throughout the 1930s. Eventually it was simply too costly and time consuming to produce silver oceans as the chemical mixture of print coloring had to be perfect to actually print.

In conclusion, silver ocean globes including this petite model are rare exquisites.

Silver Oceans against yellow lands and a metal base provide this artifact the perfect machine age design. Petite, yet masculine, its perfect shelf size.

One can view a specific moment in time, the great depression. Still, it is the calm before the storm (of WW2) in Europe. In Asia, the Japanese Empire had begun to advance by occupying Manchuria in China.

This artifact may be petite in size, it is grand in history.


The 10.5 inch diameter orb is mounted into a full meridian made of cast iron , which is attached to a dome styled hollow spun metal base. The oceans of the globe are rare silver colored, land is in gold, green an yellows. Base and meridian are finished in a dark bronze/brown with silver Art Deco accents.

Total height is 13 inches.


Overall well preserved, there is wear to the delicate silver map in form of scuffing and wrinkles. Some equatorial tape is missing. Details are still crisp, colors vivid with the exception of a faded red.

The finish of the base has some scuffing present.

The age of the globe is determined by the political borders displayed, which are as follows:

Manchuria is occupied by Japan and re-named Manchukuo (1931-45). Persia has not yet changed to Iran, which occurred in 1935.

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