Satellite View of Planet Earth Globe

Satellite View of Planet Earth Globe


This late model globe is a testament to the design skills of the team at Krent/Paffett/Teifert and the beauty of our planet as seen from Space. The design studio partnered with Replogle Globes and based this design on photos taken from Space. Therefore there are no political boundaries shown. Simply hints at the vegetation and sea conditions with a few clouds scattered around the planet. The simple and clear acrylic base allows all the focus to remain on the globe.

This version is rarely available for purchase. A real gem that will give a new dimension to any globe collection.

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Vintage Planet Earth – An Astronaut’s Space Age View

This stunning 12-inch Planet Earth Globe comes from Replogle Globes, Inc in association with Krent/Paffett/Teifert and was produced c 1991. Its one of the few globes from that time period that stand up aesthically to the vintage models of the past. This is in no small part to Krent/Paffett/Teifert who were an exhibition design firm in Boston. The firm has completed many projects for museums of science and industry throughout the U.S. This globe is a very unique piece having been designed by such a prestigious firm and seldom is available for purchase.

A 12″ terrestrial globe printed in vivid color on an acrylic orb which sits atop a clear base with an indexed half meridian. The acrylic base allows all the focus to stay on the earth. This globe was based on a photograph by satellite of Earth on December 7, 1972 from 19,000 miles above Southern Africa. The globe shows no political boundaries but rather gives the viewer the same vantage point as an Astronaut. It shows land, sea, and a scattered cloud cover in the atmosphere. The accompanying booklet reads, “The picture on the Planet Earth globe is not a photograph. It is artwork created from the study of many photographs and maps in order to present a richly-detailed portrait of the planet.” Unfortunately, the booklet is unavailable for purchase at this time.

The condition of the globe is very good. The colors are bright and bold. There is minimal wear in the form of scattered light scratches; the worst one is shown in the photos. The globe sits on a wooden base which is also in great condition. The cartouche at the South Pole reads: Replogle Globes, Inc. PAT. PEND. KRENT/PAFFETT/TEIFERT 1991 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Well packed, this artifact will ship domestic for $20.00, $45.00 world wide (most countries).

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