Small French Terrestrial Globe by NK Atlas

Small French Terrestrial Globe by NK Atlas


A fine example of exquisite craftsmanship and well preserved coloring, this artifact is a magnificent piece of history. Splendid attention to detail by the globe maker is evident throughout the map, allowing one to view the world as it was just before The Great War.

Petite in size yet grand in history, this elegant piece is for the most discerning history aficionado or collector.  The globe illustrates a world of former empires that one can only read of today.


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This petite globe comes from the French firm, N. K. Atlas of Paris. The cartography is surprisingly detailed and crisp for a globe of this small scale. They developed the right mix of color, detail, text, and information. The globe tells the story of the world on the brink of a war that would have ramifications felt throughout the rest of the century.

The globe dates to 1913-14. St. Petersburg has not yet been renamed but the Ottoman Empire has already broken apart. The map also shows shipping routes through the newly opened Panama Canal.

About the Maker:

N. K. Atlas was based in Paris from around 1904-1924 and was primarily a game and puzzle manufacturer. The company takes its name from the founders Leon Nicolas and Charles Keller. The second portion of the name is a nod to the street where the company was headquartered.


The 2.75 inch diameter orb consists of 12 individual, hand applied paper gores over a plaster and pressboard orb. Highly detailed map includes ocean currents, mountain ranges, rivers and more. All text is in French. The cartouche in the Pacific Ocean reads: SPHERE TERRESTRE / N. K. / Editeurs / Paris. Mounted onto an elegant cast metal stand, the globe stands roughly 6 inches tall.


Very well preserved artifact, details are crisp and colors rich. Minimal wear in form of rubbing or soiling. There is a small amount of denting to the orb near Japan. Base is also very well preserved, no cracks or splits. Professionally cleaned.

Globe will ship domestically for $15.00 and to most other countries for $34.00.

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