Sophisticated c 1963 Illuminated Glass Globe with Teak Base by Weber Costello Cold War Era

Sophisticated c 1963 Illuminated Glass Globe with Teak Base by Weber Costello Cold War Era


More likely one of the last models made by Weber Costello, this elegant artifact is a masterpiece of understated elegance, while sharing the history of the Cold War Era. The soon to be lost craft of artisan globe making is well preserved on this model, as each paper gore is hand applied to a glass orb, representing the world of 1963. When illuminated, the globe offers an inviting, warm ambiance as only vintage glass globes can.

A beautiful piece of American Modern design and Cold War history.


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Sophisticated in style, this Cold War Era artifact is interesting to the designing eye as much as the curious mind.

Sharing an intense time line, one can view the rise of independent nations from former European colonization throughout Africa while Europe is divided between the West and the “Iron curtain” of the former USSR. Manny Eastern Block countries including Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia are present.

Combining the best of form and function, the model is a piece of art itself, a true mid century modern design piece. Blending cool, minimalist, clean lines with warm tones and wood, this artifacts will make quite a statement of understated elegance, demanding attention wherever displayed.



The 12 inch diameter glass orb is covered by 12 individual, hand applied paper gores representing the world. Mounted into a brass half meridian, the globe is attached to a wooden, very stylish base. Total height is 21 inches.


Extremely well preserved and functional, there are minor pinholes and soiling to the map, minor pitting to the brass meridian, minor scratch marks to the base. Colors are rich, details crisp. Lighting is functional.


Age has been based on product assembly and political borders displayed, which are as following:

Most African colonies have ceased to exist. French West Africa, French Equatorial Africa, Belgian Congo and other African colonies cease to exist, creating over 15 independent countries, including Niger, Chad, Somalia, Congo, Nigeria. Zaire ( 1960). Uganda, Algeria, Jamaica are independent. Also Trinidad, Tobago ( 1962). Kenya has gained independence (1963). Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland are still visiblw, which dissolve and become Malawi and Zambia.Tanganyika and Zanzibar merge to form Tanzania (1964).


Due to its fragility and weight, this artifact will be very carefully packed and shipped domestic for $35.00. Please inquire for international rates.


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