Unique Travel Sticker Illuminated Glass Globe

Unique Travel Sticker Illuminated Glass Globe


One of my favorite globes I have ever found, this illuminated glass globe has been turned from a standard world globe into an ode to seeing the world. The myriad travel stickers hark back to a time when travel was stylish and romantic. This piece is guaranteed to be a favorite among collectors.

When illuminated, this one-of-a-kind model of understated elegance provides an intimate ambiance, inspiring thoughts of traveling around the world!


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This is the ultimate find for the travel-obsessed globe collector!

Illuminated glass globes were produced for only a short period, from the mid 1930s to about 1962, when economically more affordable and less labor intensive plastic replaced the glass globes. Yet no plastic orb can provide the beauty and craftsmanship of a glass globe. The hand blown glass orb is covered by stickers from hotels, airlines, steamships, cities and more that were collected by the creator as she traveled the world in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. based on the style of the half meridian, we know that the globe was made by Replogle.


The globe itself is made of glass and is covered with stickers, custom tags, and baggage tags from steamships. Elsa De Haas is the name written on the tags from Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary. One of the tags is dated July, 1959. Other stickers can be found from a range of locations including: Amsterdam, Dublin, Pisa, Paris, Budapest, Florence, New York, Barcelona, Alaska and more. The globe has beautiful coloring, the warm colors of the sticker mosaic create a superb contrast to the clean, minimalistic styled metal base. The half meridian compliments the rest with brass and black accents. Diameter of the globe itself is 12 inches with a total height of about 16 inches.


The Globe is in very good condition for its age. Only minimal wear is visible. Some minor gaps can be seen between the stickers when illuminated; please see pictures. The colors are rich, details crisp, and the light is warm and inviting. The mounting is in good condition, with minor age appropriate wear in form of minor pitting to the meridian and aging to the metal base.

This unique artifact will be exceptionally well packed and shipped domestic for $30.00, $70.00 world wide.

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