Vintage Japanese Globe Bank

Vintage Japanese Globe Bank


Rare Japanese tin globe bank! I’m thrilled I was able to bring this back from my last buying trip to Kyoto. In addition to the great graphics and overall aesthetics, they are the perfect size to the fill the gaps between your larger globes!

I cannot read Japanese but the globe does appear to be clearly dated 1970 on the base and the map looks to confirm that. African nations are quickly gaining independence.

The orb is made of hollow spun tin with a lithographed map. It is mounted onto a detachable tin base. Orb measures 4.5” in diameter and stands nearly 6” tall. A coin slot is cut near the top of the globe and the plug is hidden between the base and the bottom of the orb.

The globe is in good condition with only a few spots of surface rust. Beautiful patina as seen in the photos.

Well packed, this artifact will ship domestic for $9.00, international shipping is $18.00.

$95 — Item #: 0319JPNSBANK

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