Vintage Spinning Top Globe; Circa 1940s

Vintage Spinning Top Globe; Circa 1940s


I love this spinning top globe! I literally spun it a hundred times in the first hour I owned it! In addition to the addictive spinning, it has great graphics and overall aesthetics!

The age of the globe is a little hard to pinpoint as only the continents are listed but I’d guess it is from the 1960s as most of Africa is still shown as being colonized.

The orb is made of hollow spun tin with a lithographed map. It is mounted onto a metal tip and has a metal handle as well. Orb measures 2” in diameter.

The globe is in good condition with no spots of surface rust, although there are a few minor scrapes. Beautiful patina as seen in the photos.

Well packed, this artifact will ship domestic for $9.00, international shipping is $24.00.

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