Vintage Wire Base Globe; Circa 1905

Vintage Wire Base Globe; Circa 1905


I’m thrilled to offer this early tin globe on a wire stand! In addition to the great graphics and overall aesthetics, they are the perfect size to the fill the gaps between your larger globes!

The age of the globe is a little hard to pinpoint but based on the countries present it looks to date from around 1901-1905. Congo (Free) State existed from 1885-1908, and the Commonwealth of Australia was formed in 1901. The map does throw a few curve balls though as Taiwan is still labeled as Formosa (1895).

The orb is made of hollow spun tin with a lithographed map. It is mounted onto a wire meridian and base. Orb measures 3.25” in diameter and stands nearly 5” tall.

The globe is in good condition with no spots of surface rust. There are a couple minor scrapes at the poles from the mounting that holds the orb in place. Beautiful patina as seen in the photos.

Well packed, this artifact will ship domestic for $9.00, international shipping is $18.00.

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