Vintage Cold War / Ronald Reagan Poster

Vintage Cold War / Ronald Reagan Poster


Poland has a great reputation for producing exceptional posters for all manner of events - movies, theater, politics, sports, and tourism. This poster continues that rich tradition.

This fantastic Cold War poster features and egg shaped world showing the "route" Christopher Columbus took when he discovered America. On the lower half it shows a telegram that Columbus wrote to then President Ronald Reagan that reads, "I po cóż odkryłem tę Amerykę - Krzystof Kolumb." Translates to roughly, "And for what did I discover this America - Christopher Columbus. The poster was printed in the early 1980s and was most likely in reference to the beginning of the Solidarity movement in Poland. Great imagery. 

Poster measures 18" x 26" and is in mint condition. Poster will be delivered in a tube.

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