1910 Austro-Hungarian Army Photo

1910 Austro-Hungarian Army Photo

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This large photograph features a fantastic array of characters posing in Lviv, Ukraine in 1910. The group is primarily made up of members of the Austro-Hungarian Army which ruled the area at the time. The army members seem to be split between a military band on the lower rows and firemen on the upper rows. Mixed in Ukrainians in traditional outfits, priests, and private citizens. 

The drums in the middle say 8/V and 1910. The flag in the middle appears to have a religious theme with the Virgin Mary visible. 

The photograph has been removed from an album and has the traces of the black paper on the reverse. Overall, it is in very good condition with only a few minor scrapes or blemishes. Please see the photos for a better understanding of condition.

Photo measures 15" x 9"

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