Stereoscope with 99 viewing cards

Stereoscope with 99 viewing cards


This set includes an antique Holmes stereoscope viewer, 99 viewing cards and 1 newspaper article talking about the history of the stereoscope.

This 18th century predecessor to the View-Master allows the viewer to perceive two adjacent identical photographs, printed on a view card, as a single 3-D image. The Holmes stereoscope was developed in 1861 by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

The cards feature vivid photographs of landmarks in DC, NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Colorado and the National Parks of the West, as well as several biblical scenes. All the cards are dated 1925. The majority are in great shape, although a few have nicks and scratches.

The viewer is in good shape but has been taken apart to fit in a box. The handle will need to be glued if you want to keep it on permanently. The lenses are without smudges or scratches and the felt lining is clean. 

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