Vintage 1930's Corona Silent Portable Typewriter

Vintage 1930's Corona Silent Portable Typewriter

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This vintage portable typewriter is the quintessential example of American Industrial design from the 1930's. The glossy metal casing is sleek and streamlined without any extraneous parts. The keys are all made from glass and are collectible on their own. Also included is a cleaning brush in its original packaging. 

Overall, because it has been kept in its carrying case its whole life, the typewriter is in excellent condition. There are no scratches or dents in the body of the typewriter. The carrying case, including its leather handle, are in similarly great shape. The current ribbon still has some life in it, and replacements are still made, so this machine still has a long life ahead of it.

Several of the keys will need some cleaning and oiling to get them back to hammering smoothly.

Case measures 13" x 13" x 6"

Total Weight is 17 lbs.

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