City Map of Kraków, Poland

City Map of Kraków, Poland


I have been visiting Kraków for almost 20 years now, and I'm always on the look for good maps of the city. Surprisingly, they hard to find! I used the city as my base again on this last year and half and finally managed to find a few good maps of the city. 

This one was printed in Warsaw in 1967 and folds down to reveal two iconic images of the city. On the front cover, you can see the top edge of the cloth hall and its famous grotesque faces with the tower of the (now gone) town hall beyond. On the back cover, there is an illustration of Lajkonik which is the center of one of the biggest festivals in the city every year. 

As for the map, it shows the entire metro and and surrounding areas but still offers a clear look at the central districts of the city including the Market Square, the Royal Castle, and the Jewish Quarter. 

Map is in very good condition with minor issues along the folds as can be seen in the photos.

Measures 33" x 23"

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