Miniature Eljy Lumiere Camera from France

Miniature Eljy Lumiere Camera from France


The Eljy Lumiere cameras were made in France from 1937-1951 and came in several variations. This looks to be a Super-Eljy, Type 3 that was produced in 1939. I found this in Kraków and I can only imagine who would have used this spy camera in Poland during the war years! 

The cameras use a special roll of 35 mm film that can still be purchased online as these cameras have somewhat of a cult following.

The camera is clearly worn but the glass pieces look to be in good condition and all parts appear to be present.

Because I am not sure if the camera works; I'm listing it as a display piece. The leather pouch is not original to the camera but is included in the purchase.

Measures 3" x 2" x 1.5"

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