our big announcement!

We’re excited to announce that Cleveland Park Vintage has merged with Omniterrum! Both sites have been run by architectural designer, Jake Moore, since he took over Omniterrum from its founder, Kim Sorensen, roughly three years ago. The new combined site will still have all the content, resource material, and product offerings as before, now offered in one convenient location. Vintage and antique globes will now be sold alongside vintage and antique finds from around the globe!


About Us

Omniterum is run by a globe collector turned traveler turned designer turned dealer! It is these passions that have shaped the collections you’ll find here. Jake is constantly seeking compelling pieces from my trips around the world; whether it be a globe from Vienna or textiles from Tokyo! We hope you’ll join along for buying trips throughout Europe, Japan, and America.

The objective of this website is to provide information and knowledge on the art of collecting Vintage and Antique World Globes.

Collecting globes is among the most democratic of all pursuits. Whether your interest lies in the rarest of the rare or in the readily obtainable… from status symbols to common schoolroom learning tools… from Victorian, deco and Bauhaus to mid-century-modern styles… there's something for everybody.

Globes represent rich tapestries of history in a three-dimensional format, literally right at your fingertips. Truly, there are few things more fascinating than our earth, its people and the changes which affect us all. Globes are also time capsules which take you back to witness the period in which they were made: the ages of renaissance, exploration, industry, empire, conflict, communication, trade and travel. Tightly woven in every globe is the rich, underlying story of human development.

However, to obtain information about vintage globes — how to date them, about the manufacturer, history, value or even how to maintain them — is difficult at best.

We hope to change that.

It is our goal to provide information on all aspects of collecting globes, including a link to the International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes. The International Coronelli Society is the only world wide organization dedicated to the study and preservation of terrestrial and celestial globes and has graciously helped us create this site by providing important information.

This site is created by globe enthusiasts for globe enthusiasts. Our goal is to have the most comprehensive website for information pertaining to terrestrial and celestial globes — from its historical development as a scientific instrument to assistance in how to date a sphere, listing of manufacturer to a pictorial archive of globe models. We will continuously provide new information and encourage you to share as well.


In addition, we hope to provide a platform for a collector's forum. It doesn't matter if you view globes as a financial investment or attractive decor statements. Here is your opportunity to share how you have "gotten into globes." You're invited to send pictures of your collection, no matter what style, design, of value or size the spheres may be.

And yes, we also offer terrestrial and celestial spheres and related merchandise for purchase. Omniterrum has grown from a passion for terrestrial spheres into a business providing collectible globes to private individuals, premier antique dealers and museums worldwide.

We also provide consultation for globe identification and authentication. Like art, collecting globes can be seen as an investment. In our experience, appreciation of value is a side benefit of the avocation. By far, the majority of globes we find for collectors become multi-generational heirlooms.

Our hallmark is our integrity. We believe that the better informed you are about globes, the more we both benefit. That's why we disclose everything, from condition to history about every globe we offer.

Our worldwide network enables us to locate and acquire globes from a far range of past as well as present manufacturers.

We strive to exceed your expectations. When you obtain a globe from Omniterrum, we hope it's more than just a purchase. We would like to view it as the beginning of a relationship we anticipate will span generations.

We welcome your comments and feedback, as our intention for this site to be interactive. Let us hear your "global" perspective!

Thank you for visiting. We hope to hear from you soon.

For any specific recommendations or requests, don't hesitate to reach out. Enjoy!