1880s World Globe by Baker Pratt / Andrews

Our latest discovery is currently up on eBay! Here's the rundown:

We were thrilled to find an incredibly scarce globe circa 1880. There are only a handful of globes known to exist from Baker Pratt and Co. They (Baker Pratt and Co.) are often referred to as an English company, but were actually based in New York City where they sold all manner of school supplies. Prices on Baker Pratt globes in good condition are in the thousands. See Murray Hudson's website or 1st Dibs for price comparisons. 

Baker Pratt most likely bought globes from another American maker, Andrews of Chicago, and put on their own cartouche (label) and sold it under their name. This theory is strengthened by the discover of this globe which features an amazing cast iron base and 12 sided horizon ring which are both hallmarks of Andrews. In fact, there is a similar Andrews globe currently listed on eBay for around $5K. 

Unfortunately, this globe is not in very good condition. There is considerable paper loss on two gores and the entire Northern Hemisphere is very soiled. The horizon ring is missing the zodiac signs and need some minor repair to one joint. The cast iron base and the brass meridian, however, are in great shape. 

This is the perfect globe for someone who is looking to restore or needs parts for another restoration project. 

Jake Moore